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Video Matrimonio a Vinci

Video Matrimonio Vinci

VINCI: The city of Leonardo, one of the Tuscan pearls that the whole world envies us. Getting married in Vinci is a "brilliant" idea. The scenographic sets for original photos and videos are wasted: pronouncing the fateful yes among Leonardo's inventions will give a unique touch to your wedding video. All around breathtaking views of the Montalbano hills. You can choose to look out on those vineyards that have always given excellent wines, follow the videomaker hunting for the most suggestive and refined views. For a Tuscan wedding video book, the frame is perfect.

WeMo Movies, your wedding videomaker in Tuscany. Our studio is based in Montelupo Fiorentino, a "vintage" lounge where we welcome future spouses to offer free advice , share ideas, advice and suggestions.

Guiding you in choosing the wedding video services that best suit you is a task that we always carry out with passion, preferably in front of a cup of coffee! Fresh, authentic, contemporary montages: whether it's reportage or film style, we carry out all our works with experience, creativity and professionalism. Our full length wedding films , accompanied by background music, have a maximum duration of 25 minutes.

If you prefer, a short version of 8-10 minutes is also available. A real concentrate of emotions.

Are you a bride always connected and want to give a social imprint to your wedding? The wedding trailer is the service for you: a one-minute video that you can post on Facebook and Instragram to share the highlights of your wedding party with friends, relatives and followers.

With the drone , you make your wedding fly high. Immerse yourself in the most romantic of atmospheres, that of the aerial perspective. The video footage will give a touch of magic to the day giving moments of great emotional impact to your wedding video.

From the arrival at the church to the party, the shooting from above thanks to the wedding drone service will give a decidedly Hollywood flavor to the assembly (the drone is not loud, nor annoying but safe and piloted by specialized professionals who operate in full compliance with the regulations ).

Does the camera intimidate you? Are you afraid of the idea of ​​the video? Don't you love to pose? You can however transform your wedding into an intimate, precious, extraordinary memory with the pre wedding . Wear casual clothes, choose a place of your heart and prepare for a journey back in time retracing the most significant places in your love story. The premarital service has great advantages: it will give us the opportunity to tune in and get to know each other better. An excellent opportunity for you to become familiar with the goal, feel comfortable and relax. The result will be a natural and spontaneous memory that precedes the wedding day.

You're about to say "yes" and it starts raining. Or you want to enjoy the party without giving up fairytale images. The post wedding is the ideal solution. The highest quality on video without wasting time on the wedding day. A second chance to wear the dress and relive the dream twice!

Ever heard of Same Day Editing? Amaze the guests by entertaining them with the screening of an unpublished video: the best moments of the preparation, a cinema film where you are the protagonist together with your spouse.


Whether yours is an intimate ceremony, a romantic getaway, an elopement wedding or a large participatory party, we work without time limits . We will follow you discreetly throughout the day in the various locations, from the ceremony to the reception, from cutting the cake to dancing.

Are you sure you remember everything, absolutely everything about your wedding? In a video, the emotion will be forever.

And even the moment of delivery has its value! We like to give a touch of originality to each of the packaging. A personalized box with key will keep your wedding video forever: it would be a shame to keep it closed in a drawer.