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Travel addiction is the only vice I have.  Actually, on second thought also “craving” to pin everything on sheets, lists, block notes, agendas and post-its is part of me. To stop thoughts and words, clinging onto the ink preserving ideas, projects and fantasies.

Writing is so totalizing that it has become a job. Mine.

I’m Ylenia Cecchetti, 31 years old, I have a degree in foreign languages and literature along with a confusing series of tickets with destination “some corner of the world still to be explored.”

I’m a DNA freelancer: observing and telling stories of people I cross on my path is a vital lymph. Watching with discretion and putting on paper the feelings of others is a challenge that I always willingly accept like feeling them over my skin.

I have 5 years as a journalist publicist. Local news among press conferences, interviews, inquiries and reportage has been my school with a capital S.

Among all professional experiences that I have collected there are some which have given me great satisfactions. I have done business meetings and presented conventions always returning to the first love: writing.

Today, talking about journalism means thinking new ways of telling the stories, of languages and technologies.

That’s how from the paper I passed to the web dealing with social media, content editing, copywriting and creation of editorial plans for some travel agencies, it couldn’t be otherwise!

Storytelling has always been part of me. The art of excitement by telling the story of one’s life and others  through shots, video images and words has turned into WEMO, so here I am.

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Del Lucchese

Concrete, reliable, creative, patient and… I admit stubborn.

Despite many experiences, I live with enthusiasm every new adventure, The smile never fails when it comes to throwing myself in a new project. 

I’m chronically curious, thirsty to know. I ask, question,  inform myself and that’s how  my great passion for documentries was born. I shot two and I’m producing a third. 

When I found myself behind the camera with “Three Indian Women” I understood that: 

  • I would have never taken my hands of that device

  • I love India. Everything about it


I have done several jobs in large companies, but nothing has ever comparable the adrenalin that gives me that great passion that I’ve been carrying for years. I just couldn’t resist so I transformed that “flame” into a fire that still burns in the veins. So here I am.

I live to travel. Mostly in poor places. Especially where tourists do not want to go. Especially where there are no lists of Tripadvisor. Especially where washing with hot water or general water is a luxury.

At the exact moment I reach that latitude and longitude intersection, after jumping on various public transportations, in that very moment, my soul begins to breathe.