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Martina and Gianluca
Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

Ann and Luc
Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

Francesca and Vincenzo
Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

FRAncesca and vincenzo - Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

Martina and Panos
Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

We tell each wedding in a different way.

Because  people, the parties, the emotions, the scents, the environments are different.


The best day of your life, we join your family and we laugh with you and your friends.

We become friends too. 


The result is a unique wedding video.

Always different.



Wedding Video

Our wedding films are shot without too many poses or fictions, in reportage style, without disturbing the bride and groom, leaving the wedding day to be authentic and spontaneous.

Our wedding videos focus on small gestures, details, whispered words, big laughter, tears of joy and lived emotions.

They are shot by a team of Wedding Video professionals, with Sony A7 SIII cameras.

All videos are edited personally by Marco, founder and "Director".

Because to edit your wedding film, we love having lived together with you.


For us it is one passion, and we only specialize in wedding video.

We collaborate with many wedding photographers, including yours.

We speak English and German, we can move all over the world even if we love weddings in Tuscany, our land, elected Destination Wedding by many foreign couples.

We can offer various services: drone, wedding videobooth, wedding video trailer, prewedding and postwedding sessions.

Our passion,

your most beatiful day

Andrea and Gregorio
Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

Elena and Roberto
Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

Beatrice and Massimo
Wedding video Trailer in tuscany

Wedding video

Elena and Alessandro - Wedding video Trailer

Gaia e Carlo - Wedding video Trailer

Joane and Peter - Wedding video Trailer

Elisabetta e Marco - Wedding video Trailer


Wedding videographer

in Tuscany

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